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Women's Trousers and Shorts

As part of our line of sustainable outdoor clothing, we have a wide selection of women’s trousers and shorts that can provide protection in all terrains and weather conditions.

Shop from our selection of women’s trousers, which include incredibly durable cargo pants that are built with resilience and comfort in mind. We also have a selection of cargo shorts that are windproof, water resistant, and can also be worn as part of everyday casual wear.

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Elyzion "Yangzi" Cargo Shorts - Coffee QuartzElyzion "Yangzi" Cargo Shorts - Coffee Quartz
Elyzion "Yangzi" Cargo Shorts - BlackElyzion "Yangzi" Cargo Shorts - Black
Elyzion "Vecchia" Cargo Pants - BlackElyzion "Vecchia" Cargo Pants - Black
Elyzion "Yangzi" Cargo Shorts - Oil GreenElyzion "Yangzi" Cargo Shorts - Oil Green
Elyzion "Vecchia" Cargo Pants - Coffee QuartzElyzion "Vecchia" Cargo Pants - Coffee Quartz
Elyzion "Vecchia" Cargo Pants - Oil GreenElyzion "Vecchia" Cargo Pants - Oil Green