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 FIDLOCK®  HERMETIC Sew-in Pocket 

This ingenious pocket design developed by FIDLOCK® Germany gives our clothes a unique waterproof self-sealing feature. Thanks to Gooper® patented technology, the hermetic IPX8-rated sew-in pocket instantly snaps together, forming an airtight seal that keeps your belongings safe and superbly dry even when submerged underwater in depths up to 30 meters.

 FIDLOCK® V-Buckles 

Truly unique in its design and practicality, the FIDLOCK® V-BUCKLE on ELYZION garments features an intuitive magnetic fastener, adding a highly-durable and reliable touch to our pants and shorts. Its quick-release technology is easy to use and adjustable on the go, combining functionality and modern design in your everyday look.

ELYZION Carabiners

Our lightweight half-moon carabiners were designed to be taken anywhere, adding extra functionality to our products without compromising on style. Made of powder-coated stainless steel, with an auto-lock system that can safely withstand a load superior to 2kg.

TENCEL™ fibers

A perfect blend of comfort, softness and high performance - TENCEL™ fibers are used in ELYZION products, delivering cooling and moisture-wicking properties in an environmentally-friendly way. TENCEL™ fibers come from sustainably-harvested wood pulp using environmentally responsible production processes. Our designs are completely natural and do not shed microplastics when washed.