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ELYZION specializes into high quality Techwear. Taking inspiration from fishing, we design and develop highly resistant utilitarian clothes with useful functionalities without compromising style. Enabling people to navigate from the Urban Jungle to the Great Outdoors conveniently and comfortably, at any time.

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Elyzion "Namts" Simple Cap - BlackElyzion "Namts" Simple Cap - Black
Elyzion "Amance" Desert Cap - BlackElyzion "Amance" Desert Cap - Black
Elyzion "Iseo" Neck Gaiter - Black CamoElyzion "Iseo" Neck Gaiter - Black Camo
Elyzion "Moero" Sleeveless Cargo T-shirt - BlackElyzion "Moero" Sleeveless Cargo T-shirt - Black
Elyzion "Molveno" Simple T-shirt - BlackElyzion "Molveno" Simple T-shirt - Black
Elyzion "Hudson" Cargo T-shirt - BlackElyzion "Hudson" Cargo T-shirt - Black
Elyzion "Como" Utility Shirt - BlackElyzion "Como" Utility Shirt - Black
Elyzion "Murray" Utility Vest - BlackElyzion "Murray" Utility Vest - Black
Elyzion "Waikato" Unisex UV Protection Hoodie - BlackElyzion "Waikato" Unisex UV Protection Hoodie - Black
Elyzion "Ulungur" Zipped Hoodie - BlackElyzion "Ulungur" Zipped Hoodie - Black
Elyzion "Cauvery" Convertible Cargo Pants - BlackElyzion "Cauvery" Convertible Cargo Pants - Black
Elyzion "Iseo" Neck Gaiter - Oil Green CamoElyzion "Iseo" Neck Gaiter - Oil Green Camo
Elyzion "Molveno" Simple T-shirt - Oil GreenElyzion "Molveno" Simple T-shirt - Oil Green
Elyzion "Moero" Sleeveless Cargo T-shirt - Oil GreenElyzion "Moero" Sleeveless Cargo T-shirt - Oil Green
Elyzion "Hudson" Cargo T-shirt - Oil GreenElyzion "Hudson" Cargo T-shirt - Oil Green
Elyzion "Como" Utility Shirt - Oil GreenElyzion "Como" Utility Shirt - Oil Green
Elyzion "Waikato" Unisex UV Protection Hoodie - Oil GreenElyzion "Waikato" Unisex UV Protection Hoodie - Oil Green
Elyzion "Ulungur" Zipped Hoodie - Oil GreenElyzion "Ulungur" Zipped Hoodie - Oil Green
Elyzion "Cauvery" Convertible Cargo Pants - Oil GreenElyzion "Cauvery" Convertible Cargo Pants - Oil Green
Elyzion "Molveno" Simple T-shirt - Coffee QuartzElyzion "Molveno" Simple T-shirt - Coffee Quartz
Elyzion "Moero" Sleeveless Cargo T-shirt - Coffee QuartzElyzion "Moero" Sleeveless Cargo T-shirt - Coffee Quartz
Elyzion "Hudson" Cargo T-shirt - Coffee QuartzElyzion "Hudson" Cargo T-shirt - Coffee Quartz
Elyzion "Como" Utility Shirt - Coffee QuartzElyzion "Como" Utility Shirt - Coffee Quartz
Elyzion "Waikato" Unisex UV Protection Hoodie - Coffee QuartzElyzion "Waikato" Unisex UV Protection Hoodie - Coffee Quartz
Elyzion "Ulungur" Zipped Hoodie - Coffee QuartzElyzion "Ulungur" Zipped Hoodie - Coffee Quartz
Elyzion "Cauvery" Convertible Cargo Pants - Coffee QuartzElyzion "Cauvery" Convertible Cargo Pants - Coffee Quartz