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It all started with a group of friends, young or prospective parents, who found happiness in the simplest of things: Nature,  connecting and bonding with others. Despite having it all, we were always in pursuit of our lost freedom, the very freedom and energy we enjoyed in our youth.

What is better than a simple gathering between family and friends?

A fishing weekend getaway where great stories are shared over good food and drinks by a pond, river or the sea.

We realized we shared two common goals and dreams:

  • To protect our way of life and guarantee that the simple joys of nature will continue to surround our children for many years to come.
  • To help others take a step back from their relentless urban lifestyles with ethical designs.

Then and there, we decided it was time to stop being passive spectators and start making an impact. We began focusing these efforts on a meaningful project by combining our passion, skills, knowledge and strengths.

The brand is a humble expression of this - a tool that would help fulfill our vision and build a community of people who share the same dreams and values: ELYZION was born.