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Two levels of action show a total commitment of ELYZION and its Community:

ELYZION is teaming up with water conservation organizations and initiatives that aim for aquatic conservation.

  • We make donations to water conservation organizations and initiatives on behalf of each and every one of our Customers

Each time an outdoors enthusiast purchases an ELYZION product, they can choose an organization to which at least 2.5% of their order value is donated.

The greater our Collective grows, the more significant the environmental contribution will be.

Getting the world behind our cause will be challenging - but we warmly welcome anyone who dreams of freedom in the great outdoors and those ready to take a stand with us against Nature conservation.

Small streams make big rivers.

  • We make donations to water conservation organizations and initiatives on behalf of all our Affiliates who help us grow the Elyzion Water Collective's community

When joining the Elyzion Water Collective, all the Affiliates are representing ELYZION and supporting Water conservation organizations and initiatives by raising money for them.

Whenever an order is completed through our ELYZION WATER COLLECTIVE Affiliates, Elyzion will donate on the Affiliate's behalf. An additional 2.5% of the order value will be donated to an aquatic conservation initiative or organization of the Affiliate's choice, totaling 5% per purchase.

At the end of each calendar month, Elyzion will email the Affiliates a shortlist of five different Global Water conservation organizations and two local organizations and initiatives in France, United Kingdom, U.S.A, Australia, and Japan. Our Affiliates will receive a congratulatory email and note of thanks from the organization upon each successful donation.